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Kahaan bharosaa deh kaa

“???? ????? ??? ??, ????? ??? ??? ????? ?
???? ???? ?????? ???, ?? ??? ??? ????? ?”

“Kahaan bharosaa deh kaa, Binasi jaay chhin maahi |
Saans saans sumiran karo, Aur jatan kuchh naahi ||”

Meaning in English:

What’s the reliability of
this body, its attributes and abilities,
that they would last?

They may decline and die away
any moment, without a notice.

Before that inevitable happens,
utilize each breath,
remember Him and be one with Him,
experience and let others experience
sweetness and beauty of life, peace and bliss.
Nothing else is much worth doing . . . . .

-Param Pujya Padmanaabh Saheb

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Jaa marane se jag dare

?? ???? ?? ?? ??? ??, ???? ?? ?????
?? ?????? ?? ??????, ???? ??????? ??

“Jaa marane se jag dare, Mere man aanand |
Kab mari ho kab paayi ho, Pooran paramaanand ||”

Meaning in English:

While people are scared of dying,
for a realized one,
it is a celebration time!

He says,

“while people are scared of dying,
I invite and celebrate.
I wonder
when will I be able to
meet and merge with the beloved,
experiencing ultimate union and bliss!”

Param Pujya Padmanaabh Saheb ????

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Prarthana Sabha


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Tan jaane ko swarg narak hai

“?? ???? ?? ?????? ??? ??, ??? ???? ?? ????? ?
?? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???, ?? ?? ???? ????? ?
??? ????? ?? ???? ?????, ?????? ??? ????? ???? ?
???? ???? ????? ?? ????, ???? ?? ???? ????? ?”

“Tan jaane ko swarg narak hai, Hari jaane ko naahi |
Jo dar se bhav log darat hai, So dar hamare naahi ||
Paap punya ki shankaa naahi, Swarg narak nahi jaau |
Kahe kabir sunahu re santo, Jahaa kaa tahaa samaau ||”

Meaning in English:
Heaven and hell exist for the ones, who identify with the physical form (body),
who consider physical forms / appearances
to be the only reality.
Fear of death scares such people.

Heaven and hell don’t exist for the one,
who knows underlying Oneness (Hari),
underlying all the physical forms / appearances,
and knows that reality is more than just appearances.

Fear of death doesn’t scare me (such people),
as I (they) know that Self is not just this physical body,
but it is that which is inseparable from that Immortal Oneness.

Kabir Saheb says,
the moment one gets centered,
one realizes oneness with the One
which is never-separated and never-separable,
one is free of illusions of vices and virtues,
one is free of illusions of heaven and hell,
in fact, one becomes free of all the illusions.

One is liberated.
One remains one with the One before death and, even, after death.

– Pu. Padmanaabh Saheb

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Kahe kabir guru prem bus

???? ???? ???? ????? ??, ???? ????? ???? ??? ?
???? ??? ????? ???, ?? ???? ??? ???? ?”

“Kahe kabir guru prem bus, Kyaa niyare kyaa door |
Jaakaa chitt jaaso base, So tihi sadaa hajoor ||”

Meaning in English:

To a disciple,
Guru becomes accessible
through love/devotion.

And, separation in space-time (distance)
can’t affect that accessibility.

For a disciple,
connected through love/devotion,
Guru is always accessible,
Guru can always be experienced
as an immediate, inseparable and intimate presence.

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Obituary details of Mahant Shree Padmanaabhdasji Saheb

IMG-20150908-WA0012Mahant Shree Padmanaabhdasji Saheb (54), fondly called by the multitude of his disciples as ‘Baba Saheb’ or ‘Saheb’ left for heavenly abode on September 5, Saturday, 2015.

Mahant of the Sadguru Kabir Gyanashram www.kabirgyanashram.org, a true disciple of Sadguru Kabir, leaves behind a unique legacy of using interdisciplinary skills to address contemporary concerns with a deep understanding of spirituality, with his characteristic gentleness.

As a Mahant at the young age of just 21 years, a lifelong learning, understanding of Kabir’s teachings remained at the centre of his being. He also equally immersed himself in various academic disciplines with as much dedication. Beginning as a graduate in zoology, he diversified to earn MCA, and soon later MPhil in Education, and a post graduate in Philosophy. Forever a student and teacher, he was as much at home with the university campus, classrooms, training programs as in the ashrams and religious discourses.

A multifaceted personality, who continuously endeavoured to learn a new skill each day touched the lives of many a Barodian and citizens across the country with his discourses. Be it as a speaker at ‘Amrut Dhara’ radio program at Akashvani or visiting professor at Railway Staff College, or M.S. University, Sardar Vallabhbhai Institute of Technology and conducting corporate training programs, he in his distinctive style, eased the understanding of complex concepts with great simplicity.

He was much at home with his disciples as with the weekly ‘Saturday Sessions’ at Kabirashram where he took great efforts to connect with the youth – guiding, discussing, laughing, singing together, as the kind, gentle confidante, philosopher and guide.

He launched the annual lecture series, ‘Humanity at Cross Roads’ – an elocution competition and panel discussion that began the year for the young and old Barodians on January 1, since 2009. He also is the driving force behind Samashti Institute for Integrative Learning- an innovating thinking collective aimed at creating a pool of knowledge on past and contemporary perspectives and advances in the area of thinking.

He began September 5, like each day posting sharing Kabirji’s sakhi, a message on Janmashtami and Teacher’s Day. It was a visit to Pavi Jetpur to interact with youth from tribal area. He joined impromptu trek to the Makhaniya Parbat hillock with his daughter Simran, friends and young disciples on September 5 evening, climbing up the hill and while coming down, sat down for a while to rest.

And there he surprised us all, saying he was sitting to catch a breath and left for the heavenly abode.

He leaves behind wife, Kavita Desai, daughter Simran, son Satchit and a multitude of disciples, friends and lives that he touched with his gentle understanding and teaching.

Please note: The Samadhi rites will be held at Sadguru Kabir Gyanashram, Behind Avdhoot Society, Vishwamitri Station Road, Vadodara.

Contact Person: Bhargav Parekh : +91 9428473056; Ilesh Vyas : +91 9824024820

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Guru kumhaar sish kumbh hai

🙂 Happy Janmashtami !
Happy Teacher’s Day ! 🙂

“???? ??????? ??? ???? ??, ??? ??? ???? ??? ?
???? ??? ???? ??, ????? ???? ??? ?”

“Guru kumhaar sish kumbh hai, Gadhi gadhi kaadhe khot |
Antar haath sahaar de, Baahir maare chot ||”

Meaning in English:
Guru shapes a disciple, the way
a potter shapes an unbaked pot.
To give shape and
to remove flaws and frailties,
he strikes from outside with one hand,
while carefully supporting from inside with another.

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Bhaav binaa nahi bhakti jag

“??? ???? ???? ????? ??, ????? ???? ???? ??? ?
????? ??? ?? ??? ??, ????? ?? ?????? ?”

“Bhaav binaa nahi bhakti jag, Bhakti binaa nahi bhaav |
Bhakti bhaav ek roop hai, Dono ek swabhaav ||”

???/bhaav = adoration, reverence and love;
?????/bhakti = devotion, devoutness;

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Jahaa prem tahaa nem nahi

“???? ????? ???? ??? ????, ???? ? ?????? ??????? ?
????? ??? ?? ?? ???, ??? ???? ???? ??? ?”

“Jahaa prem tahaa nem nahi, Tahaa na buddhi vyavahaar |
Prem magan jab man bhayaa, Kaun gine tithi vaar ||”

Meaning in English:
Where there’s love, there are
no rules, regulations or norms to be followed,
no rational codes of conduct to be followed.

When one is deeply immersed/absorbed in love,
who would care to keep count of worldly trivia.

???/nem = ????/rules, norms;
?????? ???????/buddhi vyavahaar = rational or logical way of conduct;
????? ???/prem magan = deeply engrossed/immersed in love;
??? ????/kaun gine = who keeps count/who cares;

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Badaa badaai naa kare

“??? ???? ?? ???, ???? ??? ????? ?
????? ?????? ???? ???, ???? ???? ??? ?”

“Badaa badaai naa kare, Chhotaa bahu itaraay |
Jyo pyaadaa farji bhayaa, Tedhaa tedhaa jaay ||”

???/badaa=great; ????/badaai=greatness;
?????/itaraay=flaunts/shows off arrogantly;
??????/pyaadaa=a pwan in chess;
????/farji=a knight in chess;
????/tedhaa=oblique, not straight;

Meaning in Hindi:
?? ????? ??? ??, ?????? ?????? ??
?? ???? ???? ???? ????, ???? ???? ??????
??? ???? ??????? ??
???? ?? ??????/???????? ?? ????? ??? ???? ??,
?? ?? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ???? ??,
???? ????? ??? ?????? (?????)
“????????-???” ?? ????? ?? ???? ??
?? ??? ???? ???? ?? ?

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